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 Leaving for a month.

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Impossible to Gauge
Impossible to Gauge

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Leaving for a month. Empty
PostSubject: Leaving for a month.   Leaving for a month. Icon_minitime29/07/10, 11:11 am

Hello everyone guys, i wont be able to come Dyanmis tonight because i'm leaving tomorrow morning , its a long journey and i should be rested.
I'll use this month to rethink my position within NOTED and the people around me, i've been under a lot of stress lately in the game and i will use this month to relax and recharge my batteries to return being that one day i went.

I also want to apologize to those who may been sometime feeling bad for my behavior and i ask them for understanding for what i did ( they will know who i'm talking about ^^ ).

Nothing more to say , hope you all enjoy this month at Noted, please try to keep this ls up. GL at drops for everyone!! and see you on my back Razz.

Take Care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /hugs!
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Leaving for a month.
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