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 Airyka JOBS UPADTED ^^ 7-6-2010

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Even Match
Even Match

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PostSubject: Airyka JOBS UPADTED ^^ 7-6-2010   06/06/10, 09:06 pm

--Update begining--
PLD71, RDM74 (almost 75), SMN75 (with exp buff) SAM40 (as DRG sub)
--Update end--;

I'm still working to make things better for helping you much better ^^. Otherwise i'll have to re-mule all items i thought i could lost since iv'e thought that my account won't be longer paid because of the "verified by visa" or "secure code of mastercard".
But thanks to heavens i've found a way to pay it always, so i'll be back and full foucs with my full equipment Wink

LVLinv my THF to 15-75 would be greater for your AF drops too, btw i have other account called Inaria with THF73 and THIII but it doesn't matter, i'll focus my main which is Airyka. Anyways LVLing thf is always getting tired people of doing it and i'm no exception XD i'm a human being with celular variety!!!

Kisses and best wishes: Airyka Airytsu.

PD: Sorry if i talk too much, sometines my boring status surprises me. U_U
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Airyka JOBS UPADTED ^^ 7-6-2010
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