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 Kindness Application

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Too weak
Too weak

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PostSubject: Kindness Application   28/12/09, 06:12 pm

Name char: Kindness
Jobs75: 1*-> BLU75,SMN75,(SAM75/rng)->archery merits lv.8, 2*->NIN75,RDM73,THF71
Subjobs: sch,rng,war,blm~etc
Missions progress: ZM14, CoP8-3, TaoU44
Interested in: Dynamis - Limbus - einherjar (all) ^^
How do you meet us: Dangercalled -> master of mpks ^ . ^y

If join Dynamis: yes

Experience: Yes
Dynamis Clears: all cities but not Xaracbard and i have bub clear from cop dyna...
Read rules: Yes

If join Limbus:

Have some chips: nothing ~
Read rules: Yes

If join Einherjar:

Read rules: Yes
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Impossible to Gauge
Impossible to Gauge

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PostSubject: Re: Kindness Application   29/12/09, 01:20 am

Your apply is accepted for Dynamis & Limbus.

About Einherjar, atm we don't work it, cuz we're low in number there. Anyways, if you want go Einherjar, send me a /tell in game, cuz all NoteD members are welcome in an Einherjar LS I'm doing some runs with Wink

/tell Arabian, Jennesta, Keldan, Oriol or me for get pearl.

Welcome in NoTeD ^^

~ Dragoon / Red Mage / Bard ~

~ NEW Arekku's Blog ~
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Kindness Application
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