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 Cant come to events till october, lol SE

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Even Match
Even Match

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PostSubject: Cant come to events till october, lol SE   03/09/09, 03:29 am


SEL Agent Djagmit:

Hello Hauke. Thank you for contacting the PlayOnline Information
Centre. One moment please while I read your question. Thank You!

SEL Agent Djagmit: How may I help you today Hauke?

Hauke Schaper: Hello, i just wanted to ask, when it will be possible again to reactivate id's?

SEL Agent Djagmit: can you tell me the error code which you get ?

Hauke Schaper: I always get Payments are in progress, u cant change information about ur payment

SEL Agent Djagmit: did you extend your content id in august for september ?

Hauke Schaper: nope, i extended my id in mid august for august, but not for september

SEL Agent Djagmit: you were supposed to extend it for september around the end of august

SEL Agent Djagmit: otherwise you will have to wait around 18 days

Hauke Schaper: oh why so long?

SEL Agent Djagmit: you would be able to reactivate around the 19-23th of a month

Hauke Schaper: oh why is this?

SEL Agent Djagmit: because the ELV system takes long till the system knows that you didn't extend the contract

Hauke Schaper: so i cant play for around 2 more weeks, and when i reactivate at end of september, i will pay for whole september, or?

SEL Agent Djagmit: yes unfortunately ;-(

Hauke Schaper: okay, so i will reactivate at start of october, thanks for the information

SEL Agent Djagmit: no problem

Hauke Schaper: Thats all, wish u a nice day Smile

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Impossible to Gauge
Impossible to Gauge

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PostSubject: Re: Cant come to events till october, lol SE   03/09/09, 11:11 am

That's the nice SE system.

You play one day, we take all the month.

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Cant come to events till october, lol SE
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