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 rock & Hya

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Impossible to Gauge
Impossible to Gauge

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PostSubject: rock & Hya   rock & Hya Icon_minitime02/07/09, 01:26 am

hey guys sorry i havent been on in a while it is summer time for me and im hardly on any game during this time. Hyabusa is moving said he would be back in a couple weeks and also sorry he been missing events but we wish yall the GL on every run! take care guys

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Impossible to Gauge
Impossible to Gauge

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PostSubject: Re: rock & Hya   rock & Hya Icon_minitime02/07/09, 10:38 am

Ty Rock!!

Enjoy summer & cya soon!!! ^^/

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rock & Hya Firmaarekkudrgares

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rock & Hya
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