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 Magnoxx's application to Einharjar

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Too weak
Too weak

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PostSubject: Magnoxx's application to Einharjar   08/03/09, 07:04 pm

Name char: Magnoxx
Jobs75: SAM, Merits: Third eye 3, meditate 2, store TP 2, GK 4, Overwhelm 1, Shikikoyu 1.
WAR, Merits: Double attack 5, Warrior's charge 1, GA 4.
Other merits: Crit 4
Subjobs: THF, MNK, NIN, RNG
Missions progress: AN completed. ToAU22, Rank 10 bastok. Sergeant Major
Interested in: Einherjar
How do you meet us: LS member Ryuko

Have been to einherjar once before. Only interested in Therion Ichor, possibly hecatomb but i'm not that fussed. I have the read the site rules for Einherjar.
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PostSubject: Re: Magnoxx's application to Einharjar   10/03/09, 01:59 pm

Your apply was accept in Einherjar.
/tell Jennesta, Arabian, Oroshin, Cloudestrife, Arekku or me for get pearl.

Welcome in NoTeD ^^
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Magnoxx's application to Einharjar
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