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 Monday events cancelled

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Impossible to Gauge
Impossible to Gauge

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Monday events cancelled Empty
PostSubject: Monday events cancelled   Monday events cancelled Icon_minitime27/08/12, 10:47 am

Hi guys!

As I said in LS last Friday, after 8 years of non-stop playing FFXI, I have decided to take a break pale

I can't (end key) with FFXI and u all my friends completely, cuz I love this game and I love u all <3 so I'll keep logging on Fridays, at event time, so maybe we can keep playing together, even being just 1 day/week Smile

The main reason I'm taking this break is that I don't enjoy game actually when playing with "shout ppl", cuz ppl only care about drops and so, and our NoteD events are almost death for over a year so far, so all together I guess it's my time to take a break.

Why now, and not 2 months ago, or 2 months later? I also explained this on LS last day. This week Guild Wars 2 opens its doors, and some friends asked me to try it with them. This was what made me to take this hard decision at last. Plz don't take the idea that I leave FFXI for play Guild Wars 2, it's just on the opposite side; I play Guild Wars 2 cuz I leave FFXI.

Time will say if I stop playing definitely Sad or if my heart moves my ass back to our (impossible to gauge) FFXI Smile

Sadly, with this, NoteD ends its way as event LS, becoming now just a social LS. I'll keep using it when I log, so u know where to find me!

I hope u guys can understand me and don't blame me for this!

We'll see on Friday hopefully! ;D

YES WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Dragoon / Red Mage / Bard ~

Monday events cancelled Firmaarekkudrgares

~ NEW Arekku's Blog ~
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Monday events cancelled
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