Dynamis, Limbus & Abyssea LS
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 Aiedail's Apply

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Too weak
Too weak

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PostSubject: Aiedail's Apply   12/08/11, 02:38 pm

Name char: Aiedail
Jobs75: BLM - RDM - WHM - SCH - RNG
Subjobs: BLM RDM WHM SCH RNG (working on the DD part, like NIN WAR DNC and so on)
Missions progress: ZM, CoP, TaoU , etc. : ZM The Celestial Nexus - CoP Dawn - ToAU Testing the Waters - WoTG Fate in Haze
Interested in: Dynamis - Limbus: not really atm, but if you do them, I can help ^^
How do you meet us: Sharky told me about this LS Very Happy and Nori too ^^

I have completed every base Dynamis, Dyna Bubu & Valkurm, still missing Qufim and Tavnazia
I have made Omega if I remember well too ^^'

Thanks Very Happy Nice to meet all of you ! Very Happy
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Aiedail's Apply
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