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 New Starting Times & Events/Week

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PostSubject: New Starting Times & Events/Week   New Starting Times & Events/Week Icon_minitime28/03/11, 12:50 pm

Hi LS!

~ About New Starting Times ~

With the summer clock change in some countries, including Spain, Italy & Germany, NoteD changes also its starting times Wink

Last months, we were starting events at 18:30 GMT.

Now we'll start events at 18:00 GMT.

That means:

- 20:00 for spanish, italian & german players (they're in GMT+2 now)

- 22:00 for arabic players (they're in GMT+4 always)

~ About Events/Week ~

Last months, we were doing 4 events/week:

- Monday: Abyssea
- Tuesday: Limbus
- Wednesday: FreeDay
- Thursday: Dynamis
- Friday: Abyssea

Now we'll do 3 events/week:

- Monday: Abyssea
- Tuesday: Limbus or FreeDay
- Wednesday: FreeDay
- Thursday: Dynamis or FreeDay
- Friday: Abyssea

That means:

We'll keep doing 2 Abyssea events every week, but we'll do only 1 "old event" every week, some weeks will be Limbus, some weeks will be Dynamis.

I'll announce every Sunday (or I'll try Razz) the planning for the next week, in both /lsmes & forum.

There u can check if we doing Limbus or Dynamis next week.

As we're almost done in "old events", I think 1 "old event"/week will be enough.

I think also it will be good for us to have more free time, maybe for level other jobs, maybe for play other games, or maybe for do any other stuff in real life ^^

Cya in game! Very Happy

~ Dragoon / Red Mage / Bard ~

New Starting Times & Events/Week Firmaarekkudrgares

~ NEW Arekku's Blog ~
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New Starting Times & Events/Week
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